Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Home Medical Equipment Provider

The following are some screening questions to help you make the right choice in who provides your Home Medical Equipment.

  1. How will you instruct me on the use of this equipment? Seek a provider who will come into your home and show you and your caregiver the proper use of the equipment.
  2. What other products and services do you offer? Look for a provider who offers a full line of durable medical equipment products and services.
  3. How many years of Home Care Experience (as opposed to hospital experience) does your clinical team have? There should be at least one person on staff who has at least one year of experience in setting up and assessing patients and medical equipment in the home.
  4. Are you accredited? If the answer is yes this means that the provider meets the standards required by Medicare to provide services to their beneficiaries.
  5. How long has your company been in business? More than 5 years is preferable.
  6. Are you locally/privately owned or do I have to wait for a call from corporate if I have a problem? Knowing the type of customer service you will be receiving is important.
  7. How many clinicians do you have on staff? The provider should have at least one clinician for each product category that they carry and service.
  8. How are your drivers/staff trained? Do you do background and drug testing? Proper training of employees insures that you will receive proper instruction on your equipment. As well, it is important to know that the staff and drivers who will be coming into your home have undergone background and drug testing.
  9. What is your service area? You should ask this to make sure that you are not residing in the "fringes" of the provider's service area, where service may not be as responsive or prompt.
  10. How can you assist me when I am traveling? The provider should be able to assist you when you are traveling by helping facilitate arrangements with trusted providers in the area you are visiting.