Raised Toilet Seats and Toilet Safety Rails

Raised toilet seats are helpful to those who have difficulty getting up and down from the regular home toilet. These devices provide a great deal of safety and independence for the user. A wide choice of features are available on different models and the appropriate selection of features will depend upon your particular needs.

All better-quality raised toilet seats have at least two common features:

  • Some type of clips or brackets are present to help stabilize the seat on the toilet rim. If even greater stability is required, there are also models with locking brackets that clamp securely to the rim of the toilet.
  • Splash guards are provided on the underside of the seat.

Toilet Safety Rails provide safety and assistance to individuals who have difficulty in safely lowering themselves down to the toilet and resuming a standing position. There are two types of Toilet Rails or Toilet Frames available: one type attaches to the toilet; the other is a free-standing frame with four legs that is simply placed around the toilet.

Medicare Information and Qualifications:

This is not a Medicare covered item. These items are a convenience item and considered hygienic equipment; the patient must pay cash for these items.

The items listed below are often sold, prescribed or needed in addition to the equipment above.

  • Bath bench