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Walking Aids

Walking Aids

Reclaim Your Freedom with the Right Mobility Aid

Get out and about without the hassle!

With an extensive offering of mobility aids to fit any need, Hub's Home Oxygen and Medical Supplies has the solution you’ve been waiting for to reclaim your independence! Whether you need assistance getting around your home or going out on the town, our high-performance, low-maintenance mobility aids are your affordable answer to get you where you need to go. From walkers and rollators to canes and crutches, we have the largest selection for all your needs.

Signs You May Need a Walking Aid

As we age, many people want to retain the ability or endurance to walk on their own. Do you think you may be at this point? The following are three signs it might be time for a walking aid:

  • Is walking painful?
    • If travelling short distances causes you discomfort, you may benefit from an easy device to help you get around.
  • Do you have trouble balancing?
    • Mobility aids provide comfort and safety by giving you a stable surface to lean or sit on.
  • Are you at risk for falls? 
    • A variety of factors can cause life-threatening falls for seniors. Walkers, scooters and wheelchairs can prevent them.

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