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Aids to Daily Living

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Daily Living Aids

Adding Ease & Independence to your Routine.

We all want to continue living life to the fullest as we age, but sometimes, that involves moving independently, which can sometimes be challenging. As we get older, it typically gets increasingly more difficult to go about our daily routine without aid from someone or something. 

Hub's Home Medical is here to make sure you're able to go where you want, when you want, without relying on a personal assistant. There are many daily living aids that help you, or your loved one, remain independent, from chair raisers and walkers to toilet safety frames. 

Chair Raisers are perfect for the elderly experiencing joint or back pain, making different types of seating more accessible. Walkers are simple solutions if you or your loved needs something sturdy to lean on as they walk, varying from walking canes to walking frames. Toilet aids add safety and convenience to your daily bathroom routine. Car transfer bars are great tools for getting in and out of vehicles with absolute ease. Non-slip socks are for you if you're at risk for slipping on solid flooring such as wood, concrete, or tile. 

With a wide variety of aids to choose from, it can be tough to select the right one for your specific needs. Here at Hub’s Home Oxygen & Medical Supply, we are dedicated to pairing you with the best daily living aid for your mobility needs. Let us get you or you loved ones up and moving again. We're here to work with you - stop in one of our six locations, give us a call, or contact us online today.


Walking Aids

Walking Aids

As we age, many people want to retain the ability or endurance to walk on their own. If traveling short distances causes you discomfort, you may benefit from an easy device to help you get around. Mobility aids provide comfort and safety by giving you a stable surface to lean or sit on. Reclaim your freedom with the right mobility aid


Other Daily Living Aids

Reacher Grabber

Feel the ease of use
when you get your Reach Grabber.
Nothing is ever too far!

Pill Organizers

Compact and Portable. The Pill Organizer is a perfect place to keep your vitamins and supplements.

Reach Assist Dressing Aids
Reach Assist
Dressing Aids

Make getting ready for
the day much easier with
your Reach Assist Dressing Aid.

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