Grab Bars (Tub or Wall Mounted)

Tub Grab Bars serve two distinct purposes:

  1. By providing "something to hold on to" while stepping over the side of the tub, they provide stability and assistance in getting in and out of the bathtub.
  2. Once in the tub, a properly positioned tub bar provides assistance in getting up and down safely.

All tub grab bars are made strictly for rigid steel or cast iron porcelain tubs. Tub bars cannot be safely installed on fiberglass or plastic bathtubs. It is important to select a tub bar with the correct type of mounting bracket to provide a tight and proper fit for your particular bath tub.

Bars equipped with brackets that have straight parallel jaws cannot be safely installed on a bath tub on which the side walls of the tub are tapered or sloped. This type of tub requires a bracket that will swivel or adjust to conform to this wall configuration.

Wall-mounted grab bars are available in a variety of lengths, usually ranging from 12 to 32 inches. Right and left angle bars are also available as well as other special configurations. Wall grab bars are available in nylon polymer coating, stainless steel and chrome plated steel.

When placed in strategic positions, wall bars offer physically challenged individuals a great degree of safety. They may provide assistance in areas of the bathroom other than just the bath tub or shower.

The quality of the wall grab bar and proper installation are critical. The bar should be of heavy gauge steel and welded construction. There should be no opening for moisture to enter. Obviously they should be totally rust resistant.

Medicare Information and Qualifications:

Tub grab bars are a self-help device and is not covered by Medicare. This is a cash item.

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