Underarm Crutches

Underarm crutches, also known as Axillary Crutches, are by far the most commonly used type. The majority of temporary crutch users should use this style crutch. They require a minimum of training and substantially less upper extremity strength than other types of crutches and are generally less expensive. Crutches are most likely to be the appropriate walking aid when a person must not bear any weight on one leg, as would be the case with a broken leg, ankle or foot.

Medicare Information and Qualifications:

Medicare covers canes and crutches for patients who have trouble walking, but can walk with support. Medicare doesn't cover canes for the blind. An order (prescription) must be on file with the supplier. It must be signed and dated by the treating doctor. This is a purchased item.

The items listed below are often sold, prescribed or needed in addition to the equipment above.

  • Replacement arm pads or tips