Bedside Commodes

There are a variety of different styles of Bedside Commodes. Selection of the appropriate model depends on the physical limitations of the user and where it will be used. Most models fall into one of the following categories:

  • Basic Models with fixed arms.
  • Drop-Arm Models or those with removable arms.
  • Over-Toilet Models.
  • Concealed Models.

There are also other special models for individuals with special needs.

All four of the above categories provide toilet facilities at the bed side for individuals who have difficulty getting to the bathroom safely.

Medicare Information and Qualifications:

Medicare covers a commode chair if the patient does not have access to regular toilet facilities because he/she is confined to:

  • a single room, or
  • a single level without a toilet, or.
  • a home where there is no toilet.

For patients over 300 pounds, heavy-duty commodes are provided.

An order (prescription) must be on file with the supplier. It must be signed and dated by the treating doctor. You may rent or purchase commode chairs, though they are typically purchased.

The items listed below are often sold, prescribed or needed in addition to the equipment above.

Disclaimer: This is a sampling of information. Please refer to the CMS website ( and consult your own experts for additional information.